Q.  When I tap two check boxes in a row, they all get checked!

A. Pause just a hair longer between taps. By design, double-tapping in the Detail screen toggles all checkboxes on or off.

Q.  Since upgrading, I can't link to the Logos app! Is there a fix?

A. Sorry about that! This was fixed in version 4.0.1.

Q.  Can you add my favorite plan?

A.  Almost certainly.  See here for instructions on how to install an existing plan.  If your favorite plan isn't listed, and is freely distributable for non-commercial use, please send a copy or a link to support, and I will be happy to format it for use with ReadingPlan and post it for download.

Q.  How do I create a custom plan?

A.  ReadingPlan plans are simple text files.  The file format is described here.  Instructions for copying the plan to your device are here.

Q.  How do I open a web link in Safari instead of ReadingPlan?

A.  By default, ReadingPlan open web links in its own internal web viewer.  If you would prefer to have a web site open in Safari instead, edit its link by replacing 'http' with 'safari'.  Instructions for editing bible links are here.

Q.  I just got a new iPhone (iPad) -- how do I transfer progress to my new device?

A.  If you're more or less up-to-date on your plan, the easiest thing to do is to set the start date and use the Mark Read to Today option in Settings.  On the other hand, if you're significantly ahead or behind, or have been reading "off-plan", the easiest thing to do is to 'sync' your new device with your old one, using the Sync/Share Progress option.  While you still have your old device, turn on syncing; ReadingPlan will upload and store your progress. Then, with your new device, turn on syncing; ReadingPlan will download your progress. (If you only have a single device, you can turn syncing off at this point.) Instructions for setting up syncing are here.

Q.  Can I track multiple plans simultaneously?

A.  Yes, just select another plan in Settings. If you want to track progress in multiple copies of the same plan, rename the plan and download another copy. See here for details.